Selling a Company

The team at Vicarage Ventures has significant experience in planning and executing the disposal of privately-owned businesses or subsidiaries of large UK or overseas groups.

The one common goal shared by most shareholders is the desire to maximise value realised from a disposal process. Our objective and responsibility is to assist our clients achieve this goal.

Our significant experience of planning and executing business exits enables us to identify and communicate opportunities to enhance value in the short-term. Furthermore, we focus on potential risks and obstacles to securing a successful exit, enabling our clients to take appropriate action prior to commencing any external process. In our opinion, successful planning is the key to delivering a successful outcome, therefore the earlier our involvement in the disposal thought process, the greater the probability of achieving the optimum outcome for our clients.


The Risks of Investing in Early Stage Companies. Be warned: investment in start-up and early stage companies will not yield results in the short-term. Any returns from such a shareholding will be dependent on the performance of the investee company; the value and any income from such an investment can just as easily fall as it can rise. Investors may not get back the amount originally invested and investee companies may not pay dividends. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Shares in an unlisted company may be difficult to sell and it may be difficult to obtain reliable information about their value. Vicarage Ventures does not act for investors or provide advice as to the merits of investing in any company and therefore will not be responsible to investors for providing the protections afforded its clients. Investment in companies at an early stage of development is only suitable for investors capable of evaluating their risks and advantages and who have sufficient resources to bear any loss that might result from such an investment. Prospective investors should carefully consider whether such an investment suits them when their personal financial circumstances are taken into account. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of such investments, you should seek independent financial advice.

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