Offers Currently Open

Amongst our currently open investment offers – available only to funds and high net worth individuals – are the following (please get in touch if you are interested in any of them):

  • Adendale, a recruitment consultancy, is seeking £50,000 of SEIS finance.
  • Avonmouth Biomass Energy, an energy conversion project, is seeking £5m of EIS development finance.
  • Banana Boxers, a niche upmarket boxer-short business, is seeking £50,000 EIS finance.
  • BeauFeeds produces health supplements for horses, cows, racing camels and domestic cats and dogs from Himalayan seabuckthorn and is seeking £150,000 SEIS development finance.
  • Bloomsbury Logistics, an existing courier company, is seeking £5m.
  • Blue Dolphin Film International, a new film production, sales and distribution business is seeking £25m through five separate EIS companies.
  • Bookbarn, one of the largest second-hand and antiquarian book businesses in the UK, is seeking £250,000 EIS finance to implement new technology and marketing initiatives.
  • Canadian Super Igloos, a unique emergency-shelter concept of interest to the military and NGO’s, is being readied for investment.
  • Capital Track, an aggregator of bond trading data is seeking £1m of EIS growth finance.
  • CNR, an investment company, is seeking £100,000 for various projects.
  • A Financial Services Conference Company is seeking £150,000 SEIS startup finance.
  • A Corporate Aps Development business is seeking £150,000 of SEIS startup finance.
  • A Corporate Driver Training business, is seeking £150,000 of SEIS startup finance.
  • Envirom, a unique soil remediation project, is being readied for investment.
  • Green Landscape Design, an existing landscape business is seeking £4m in EIS expansion capital.
  • A Hydrogen Fuel Company is seeking £150,000 of SEIS startup finance.
  • Kingsclere Ventures is seeking £150,000 of SEIS to develop its unique tagging system for airliner freight containers.
  • A company selling Large Rugs, heavily discounted, from Iran, is seeking £150,000 of SEIS startup finance.
  • Ludhiana Metro, a project developing public transport for the Punjabi city of Ludhiana, is being readied for investment.
  • Marine Minerals Ltd, a tin and rare earth extraction business, is seeking £150,000 in SEIS development finance.
  • A Power Project based in Africa, is being readied for investment.
  • A Rare Earths Project in Norway that could bring an end to the Chinese dominance of the rare earths market, is being readied for investment.
  • Raverat Ltd owns the copyright in the wood-engravings, drawings and other work by Charles Darwin’s grand-daughter and is seeking £50,000 of SEIS finance to develop the marketing of its new websites, and
  • Trace in Metal is seeking £150,000 of SEIS development finance for its revolutionary molecular metal-tracking system
  • Trade Repository is seeking £1m of EIS finance to develop its “big data” financial trading data system
  • A Wind Energy Development and Investment Company is seeking EIS funding for each of its wind generator projects.
  • A Woodchip Heat Company is seeking £150,000 of SEIS finance to develop its mobile woodchip-to heat converter.
  • Zambian Mining Projects is looking for £30,000 of SEIS development finance.

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